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Is your dream car an import? Compare low rate import (grey) car finance

More Australians than ever are buying imported cars also referred to as grey cars. There are now some specific low deposit and no deposit finance options for buyers purchasing import cars.

Usually the big banks will not help as some import car borrowers are perceived as higher risk. Banks also rely heavily on Red Book and the Glasses Guide to identify the value of vehicles and vehicle information. This information is then reviewed with applicant information to determine the risk involved in lending. If information is not available in these guides, banks are not likely to provide finance.

We work with specialist lenders who are experienced in finding unique finance solutions for import (grey) cars.

Our teams are knowledgeable and experienced in finding different types of import car loan solutions from our panel of over 20 lenders. Our panel of lenders includes banks (both big and small), non-traditional lenders, and peer to peer lenders. This means we can help you find low rate loans that you might not see advertised.

What is an import (grey) car loan?

A type of car loan borrowers use to purchase imported cars from countries outside Australia.

Who do we help?

  • Buyers of imported cars
  • Buyers who want to compare import car loan options
  • Buyers who want information about import car loans
  • Borrowers with good and bad credit history

Why use National Finance + Loans?

  • We can find options for big and small loans
  • We can find finance solutions for good and bad credit
  • We work with over 20 lenders (big banks, small banks, non-traditional lenders, peer to peer lenders)
  • Our teams understand how to get tough loans approved
  • We make the approval process as fast as possible for you

Ready to get the car of your dreams? Get finance ready for your import car. Get National Finance + Loans on your team. Ask questions or apply today by phone, online or in person.

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